The Karachi Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship (KITE) is a young, accredited institution of higher learning, located in Karachi, a city of 20-24 million people.  KITE’s mission is to craft and cultivate entrepreneurs and change agents using its unique interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate programs, while also nurturing other requisite aspects of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the city/country.  Currently, KITE is offering degrees in computer science, engineering, business administration, design and architecture since 2013.  KITE plans to offer additional undergraduate and graduate programs in entrepreneurship, public policy and a series of graduate degrees in exponential technologies by or before 2019.  Technology and the entrepreneurial spirit are in the DNA of the Institute which permeates the campus ecosystem and in every degree program offered.  Currently, KITE is operating from its 100,000 sq. ft starter campus in Korangi Creek, Karachi.  By 2022, KITE’s sponsors intend to build a long term custom campus over a few hundred acres in Karachi.


KITE’s raison d’être is to craft young, tech savvy entrepreneurs, through its innovative, interdisciplinary degree programs, both at undergraduate and graduate levels, for the emerging startup ecosystems and the new global creative economy.  KITEx is one such initiative of the Institute to ensure the entire Pakistani ecosystem in nurtured.

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