Atif Azim

Atif Azim is the co-founder & CEO of VentureDive Pvt. Ltd. He is one of the early investors in Careem and heads the technology team that has developed the Careem technology platform. Atif possesses an extensive international work experience in global companies such as Cisco Systems, KPMG and Brience Inc. At KPMG he served as a senior consultant from 2000-01 based in San Francisco, U.S.A. He also co-founded Perfigo, San Francisco a network security company which was later acquired by Cisco Systems.



Jawwad Ahmed Farid

Jawwad Ahmed Farid is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (Chicago), an MBA from Columbia Business School (New York City) and a computer science graduate. During the last 20 years, he has worked as a consultant and advisor on risk and technology in North America, United Kingdom and Pakistan with a number of blue chip clients. Jawwad’s expertise includes Investments, Product Development, Risk Models & the Financial Services Back Office. He is the author of three books on Commodity Markets (Understanding Commodities Risk), Risk Management (Risk Application and Frameworks) and Entrepreneurship (Reboot).

In addition to being a PASHA CEC member and Treasurer, he has also served as a judge at the Asia Pacific ICT Awards in Macau, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok & Brunei Darussalam, as well as at PASHA ICT Award from 2006 – 2012. He currently serves as a Member of the Oversight Board for the PASHA Social Innovation Fund.



Imran Moinuddin

Imran Moinuddin is the founder & CEO of NexDegree (Private) Limited. Prior to founding the company, Imran worked as a research analyst and consultant for a biometrics consulting firm in New York City where his clients included both private and government institutions such as the DHS, DARPA, White House Office of Science & Technology Policy and Honeywell. Imran is especially strong in the area of scalable architectures and systems/infrastructure performance optimization and has served clients in all major continents. He holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.



Omer Ehtisham

Omer has over 20 years of experience in building start-ups globally, with expertise in finance. Omer has successfully raised and deployed over $5bln of capital. He has been responsible for building two financial technology companies in the US and an emerging market bank. He led the team setting up the International Islamic Liquidity Management Corporation, the IILM, in Malaysia which won the Islamic finance deal of the year in 2013. He enjoys global relationships with family offices, Banks, Rating Agencies and Regulators.
Omer has degrees in History and Economics from Brown University. He is a strong proponent/evangelist of building a sustainable local start-up ecosystem. He is the CEO of DotZero Ventures and a partner at Adamas Capital.
Omer now lives in Karachi with his wife and son, and outside of work is an aspiring photographer and cyclist.



Javad Mushtaq

Javad Mushtaq is a multi-award winning young professional with business background from Norway. Working with Corporate Strategy and M&A. President and founder of MAK, an organization focusing on diversity and leadership. Founder of MinoMent, a social enterprise working to promote education and reduce dropout rates from High Schools. Author in progress. Awards and honors include Business Student of the Year 2010 in Norway, award for best Master’s Thesis of Oslo themes across all schools and disciplines, Alarga Scholarship, BIs Presidential / Student Ambassador Scholarship, A. Wilhelmsen Scholarship, and part of the winning team of Harvard Business School MOC project competition. Nominated as Name of the year by VG, selected as one of “100 male role models” in by Utrop, most ambitious person by Blend, amongst many recognitions.



Nauman Qureshi

Nauman is a customer and need focused product junkie who gets extremely excited when building products that people want. With over 13 years in Product, he has spent many years at Microsoft in Redmond as a Product Manager for the Windows Live team working on products like Hotmail, Messenger, and Mobile. He was then working in Silicon Valley in Ed tech and Clean tech startups. For the last 2 and a half years, Nauman has been working on his own startup (Ropazi) which is in the messaging commerce space and is backed by Stanford and was part of Stanford’s top startup accelerator program, StartX. Nauman has an undergrad in Computer Science from Northern Arizona University and an MBA from Duke University.

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